Azeros Legal Featured In / Authority Magazine on The Business Side Of Law


Azeros Legal, an award-winning bankruptcy law firm in Arizona, was featured in / Authority Magazine in their new series on the 5 Things You Need To Create Or Lead A Successful Law Firm. 

Quotes from Nathan Brelsford from the article:

Can you tell us a bit about the nature of your practice and what you focus on?

"I am a bankruptcy lawyer, helping individuals, small business owners and small businesses with both Chapter 7, Chapter 11 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy filings throughout the state of Arizona. I also provide tax resolutions services helping clients solve their IRS problems. My firm also helps individuals with debt defense, debt settlements and other consumer protection services, such as dealing with abusive debt collectors. Additionally, I also help consumers deal with student loan issues."

This is not easy work. What is your primary motivation and drive behind the work that you do?

"Helping people. Helping my clients (and potential clients) understand their options and if bankruptcy is right for them. Often it is but sometimes it isn’t. Making sure they understand everything (and I mean everything) that will come with filing a chapter 7 or chapter 13 is important, there shouldn’t be any surprises. Also, listening to their situation and when bankruptcy isn’t the right option, giving guidance and advice on what would be the best path for their financial future."

The full article can be found by clicking here.

About Azeros Legal

Azeros Legal has been helping clients, throughout the state of Arizona, in Chapters 7 and 13 bankruptcy cases to achieve the financial freedom they deserve. Azeros Legal helps clients to stop wage garnishments, stop harassing creditor calls, retain assets, prevent foreclosures, and reorganize debts. Nathan J. Brelsford, the firm’s founder, holds an accountancy degree from Arizona State University and his Juris Doctor from the University of San Diego (J.D. 2005). Nathan is a member of the Arizona State Bar, National Association of Bankruptcy Attorneys and the Arizona Consumer Bankruptcy Council. He is licensed to practice before the United States District Court for the District of Arizona, United States Tax Court and the Arizona Supreme Court. Since 2006, he has worked with individuals seeking a financial restart and represents them in chapters 7 and 13 bankruptcy cases.