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You may be eligible to roll back to zero debt. Well over 95% of bankruptcy cases filed by individuals are “no asset” cases meaning the debt is liquidated, and the debtor keeps everything except most kinds of consumer financial debt.
Federal bankruptcy law also provides for exemptions in the most common types of property, with the maximum amount determined by each state. Arizona law exempts up to $150,000 in equity in your home. It can get complicated if you’ve moved to Arizona recently. Another reason why it’s important to have competent legal representation when filing.
If you’re behind on mortgage payments but want to stay in your home, AZEROS Legal can work with you to see if bankruptcy is the best option for your situation.
Stop worrying. AZEROS is here to stand with you. If Chapter 7 makes the best sense for your circumstances, we’ll help you file for bankruptcy and represent you along the journey. We even offer payment plans for our services.
AZEROS Legal is a debt relief agency. We help individuals (and businesses) file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.


Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Once you file for bankruptcy, the law requires ALL creditors to leave you alone. That means harassing collections calls and endless messages CEASE upon notification of your filing, or they’ll suffer the consequences. Trust us, creditors don’t want to pay that fine.

Filing Chapter 7:

  • STOPS wage garnishments
  • STOPS creditor harassments
  • ERASES most or all debt
  • FASTER discharge of debt

Consistent & Effective Representation From Filing to Discharge

Your AZEROS lawyer is the only person handling your case, so you’ll get consistent and effective legal advice and representation from filing to discharge, plus a clean slate for your finances. We’re here to help you get there

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